masholes –noun (pronounced “mash holes”): a massachusetts based homebrewer network.

All the fun of a homebrew club without the commitment!

We strive to be a homebrewer network, rather than an exclusive club, and we encourage members to look into other local homebrew clubs for that type of experience. SPARGE is a friendly homebrew club in the Springfield area and we encourage SPARGE members to participate in masholes events. Masholes does not have any dues or club officer assignments. Participation is at-will and no obligation. The masholes meet (if you want to call it that) most Wednesdays at The Moan and Dove, generally between 5-10pm. Follow us on twitter and/or ask to join our group on facebook if you’d like updates on what the masholes are up to.

Note: Masholes is an officially registered homebrew club with the American Homebrewers Association. So you can use masholes for contest entries, AHA events, etc. if you do not already belong to another homebrew club.

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background photo credit: donosborn